本组资源主要分享一组为爱情而生的甜蜜英文字体,连名字都是 Love & Trust,特别适合情人节改稿备用,看哪款心动,赶紧来收。

Perhaps, I shall be more peaceful. But now I have sth that I must do, that is to miss u.
Perhaps, I am willing to. But sometimes when it comes, I can’t control. Yes, I actually can’t.
From the second before, I’m being missing u, & this’ll last for the next second & next. Sth is I couldn’t purse.
Until the second next, I’ll be missing u, & this kind of feeling always comes along. U r my fatal attraction.
At night, I lie awake & wonder if sb ever has told u, that u r so beautiful that ashamed the angels high in the sky.
At night, I lie awake & wonder whether u'd look my way. I know u've made me blind.

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The first Tuesday —— World

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.  

Love is the most greatest thing in the world. Love also full of power. Give out love and let love come inside , that`s a huge reciprocity in the world.

Love and Passion

Recently u've broken into my heart. Then ever since if I come to miss u, smiling like a fool.
Maybe I hang around here, a little more than I should. I got sth to tell u, that I never thought I would. But I believe u really ought to know.

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The second Tuesday —— Feeling sorry for yourself

Is it self-pity a kind of love and care we give to ourselves ?

Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel.

Trust your feeling , especially when you are with the people you love. 

Sometimes , eyes will show you something wrong, I guess.

Your feeling likes your inner eyes.

图片 1

I just feel like to please u, & to fit u. & this kind of feeling doesn't tend to reduce a bit these days. I think I’ve wholly absorbed in u. There couldn’t be any girl in my mind, except u.
After dawn, the only thing I hope for is the MSG that comes from u.

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The third Tuesday —— Regret

We`re so wrapped up with egotistical things, career, family, having enough money, meeting the mortgage, getting a new car, fixing the radiator when it breaks—we`re involved in trillions of little acts just to keep going. So we don`t get into the habit of standing back and looking at our lives and saying, Is this all ? Is this all I want ? Is something missing ?

If we just keeping going and do not stop and think about where we are actually going , it is easy to get lost on our ways.

Sometimes, we keep running so fast , may be we will forget what is our original intention. From time to time, stop and ask yourself “what`s my goal ?”, “what I really want?”, it helps make you are always in right direction.

Don`t afraid of falling behind others, everyone has their own time zone. 


Cookie Monster

May I take a place in your heart?
That from this day forward I’ll cherish u as my all.
I will hold the umbrella for u in the rainy day.
I will wander by your side along the sand beach in the Sunday afternoon.
I will take u shopping around no matter how tired I am.
I will give off my warmth to u, not letting u suffer lurch any more.

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图片 2

May the endless affair move the world?
That at the last day of our life, still I am with u.
Love takes on many changes but I don’t abandon u.
Love plays many jokes but we just choose to enjoy.
Love discourages u but I comfort u & cheer u up.
Love is color-blind so that I can’t say why I’m lost to u.

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I Love What You Do

May u be my angel, later all my life?
That at the first sight, u’ve taken me upside-down.
U can play joke on me for the life long.
U can tease me whenever u want.
U can consume my love without paying anything.
U can require me to do anything as long as I am capable.

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图片 3

I’d just write down my affair but I fear to tell u.
’Coz I haven’t got any flaring words to express my emotion.
& I don’t mean to cheat u, forever not.

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Fiolex Girls

If what I’d be with u?
Although it’s too late to take part in your begones.
However, I shan’t miss your future, & I won’t.
I’ll be always here later your life.
Believe me, & let me hold u please.
Trust me, & let me love u please.
Let me, let me comfort u & let me please u.
Be my girl, be mine, please.

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图片 4

I am willing to do anything to appeal to u, my girl.

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Love & Trust font

It’ll be a long long journey, but I am ready.
I’m a great man, but I can show u what love means.
U r not a unique girl, but in my eyes u r the most beautiful.
Whatever it takes, I wish I can be, be with u.

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图片 5

If I say u r cute, that it’s what I’m really thinking of in my mind.
If I don’t appreciate u, I won’t say anything to appeal to u.
That’s me.

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4 my lover Font

All I’m saying is not kidding,
U’d know I’m serious, serious about u, all the time.
These words are from my heart not my head,
U’d know, and u r ought to know.

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图片 6

I love u. I honestly love u.
Even if I’d be gonna lose u, I’d tell u, that I really love u.
’Coz to u, I won’t have any secret, never ever.

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Cheri Font Family


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图片 7

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JeanSunHo Font

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图片 8

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Words of love

图片 9

Fontdinerdotcom Luvable

图片 10

Hey Cutie

图片 11

CF I love Montreal font

图片 12

ForgetMeNot Font

图片 13


图片 14

Janda Romantic

图片 15

KG Kiss Me Slowly

图片 16

KG Manhattan Script

图片 17

Miss Fajardose

图片 18